SILAS | the Cursed

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PLEASE REMEMBER TO DETACH BLUEPRINT AND IMPORT POIYOMI! Tattoo is added to the package as a thank you~
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Ꝋ POIYOMI PRO TOON 7.3.050, SDK 3.4.0, VRChat package resolver tool 0.1.26

Fake Index for Quest users

Created and Textured assets Tailored just for this Avatar

Custom commissioned particles

VCC REQUIRED(vrchat creator companion) to upload. Instructions and debug are at the bottom of the description!

Full body particle dissolve

Carbon Copy Clone

Customized Foot trail

Full Body Dancer Tracking Ready (Vive up to 9 point tested) (Slime 6 point tested)


Custom made and textured assets: Clothing look and outfits planned and conceptualized by me, production collaborated between myself, Blake_vrc and Frankys.vr (NO REUSE)

Boots (FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Cargo Pants (FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Leg Chain (FBX: Blake)

Crop Coat (Designed by me | FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Dress Pants (Designed by me | FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Dress Shirt (FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Extra Baggy Sweatpants (FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Hoodie (FBX: Blake | Texture: myself & Franky)

Ropes (Designed by me | FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

T-Shirt (Designed by me | FBX: Blake | Texture: myself & Franky)

Crop top (Designed by me | FBX: Blake | Texture: myself & Franky)

Jeans (Designed by me | FBX: Blake | Texture: Franky)

Face, eye and Skin texture: Hand drawn by me (NO REUSE)

Tattoo: Hand Drawn by me (NO REUSE)

Particles: Commissioned from Chaabraa.vr assisted by Kismet.vr (Terminus)

Purchased assets:

Shaggy Hair

Pony Tail (heavily edited, no reuse)

Lucius Hair (heavily edited, no resuse)

Caede Hair (edited, no reuse)

Hair textures

Body smoke (heavily edited, no reuse)

Commissioned glass fracture particle, dissolve, and trail from Chaabraa.vrc (personal use, no reuse)

Ripped Jeans


Chained Veil Horns and back wings (heavily edited, no reuse)

Demon Tail

Sun Arm Chain

Collar, gag (heh) spikes

Old Skool vans

Thunder HighTops

70's Hightops

Material swaps: Please check toggle video

Showcase Dancers in Video:





Videographer, Photographer and Editors:

Ꝋ Videography | Reussie.vr

Ꝋ Editor | Reussie.vr and innocentdestiny.vrc

Ꝋ Photos | Blazeytacovr

Ꝋ Model | Cupiovrc

Voice actor: (no. No I wont let you know who he is you curious horny motherfucker LMAO)

I want to give a special thank you to the following who have taught me tools and unity throughout this entire process, and those who have helped me fix and troubleshoot bugs:

Vultureculturevr (you have bore with me through thick and thin insert manic laughing)

milk.fbx (LECHEEE)

Shawtievr (ily ~)


E0x0p.vrc ( I have given you enough kidney stones and high blood pressures)

BloodRayne.vrc ( I will forever be traumatised)

ZarZar.vrc (you godsend)

(more to add)

By purchasing this product you agree that you will NOT be refunded, redistribute the package in any form In addition to:
-1. Leaking, trading, no price splitting, reselling or having accessible to public, or ripping of my assets.
-2. Taking parts made by me or other creators for resale or personal use, this includes sculpts.
-3. Fill out your full discord name and vrchat name on checkout

You ARE ALLOWED to use this for vtubing and streaming on twitch, I will only require credits. Just message me to confirm in discord

you ARE WELCOME to edit the avi to a bit more of your personal taste in terms of adding extra clothing or personal assets. Just dont claim it as your own. It is my work.

Please use my discord to ask questions. If you are caught breaking any set of rules, I will take legal action.

Please do not steal, rip parts of the tattoo, or leak the files. if you are caught, your license key will be disabled from further use and blacklisted.

Please note that there is a note in package on how to remove the clone to make it less heavier for club activities

If im missing any credits or the package has issues, please message me on instagram (Lazminq) or through discord channel, no dms.


No refunds upon purchase

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SILAS | the Cursed

48 ratings
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